Navigating successful vertical lift hinges on the intersection of three factors: talent, processes, and platforms.

We analyze your organization’s current state, looking toward future scale needs. We identify quick, easy wins that will enhance performance. We create a strategy to guide your organization though its next evolution.


The best leaders know what they don’t know – and they call in reinforcements when necessary. We advise you on the best ways to guide your technology through organizational evolution, so that you can focus on leading.


Hiring and developing the right talent is paramount. We help you analyze your team, pinpointing essential skills for the next phase of organizational maturation. We assess the number of employees needed to keep growth on track. And we identify who to hire to keep your competitive edge moving forward


We observe your company culture, then identify systems that will best keep your team focused and performing. Then we establish metrics that provide quantitative performance measures.


Neither stellar employees nor perfectly executed processes can overcome faulty technology. To keep your platforms healthy and functioning, we troubleshoot a range of factors—from traffic and security management to identifying the ideal coding language.


Amplify partners with your executive team to provide technology leadership. From designing and scaling your team to honing team performance, Amplify can function as temporary CTO, while we guide your organization through a grounded plan for growth.

How We Work


We create customized technology solutions—and we begin by digging into the status quo. We conduct an in-depth exploration of the technology currently in place. We examine your team. Then we strategize, with an eye toward scalability.

to Success

Without a thorough roadmap in place, your organization can drift off course. We identify specific processes and platforms that meet your goals. Then we get your people up to speed.


No need to navigate the roadmap alone. Amplify supports you at each milestone. We offer fractional leadership services (when required). We conduct periodic health assessments on your technology (including talent, processes, and platforms).